Magma Human Hair

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Magma Human Hair

For more than 40 years our passion and commitment has been to provide a premium product. We began sourcing pure Remy Indian human hair and now after four decades, we have honed our craft and are now leaders in the field of 100% virgin Remy, premium, temple Indian hair sourcing, manufacturing and processing. We have a well-established hair sourcing network in and around Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh Temples, which allow us to provide the best possible virgin, temple, Indian hair in the market.

With generations of experience in virgin, temple Indian hair, we have become industry experts and are proud to offer our product to distributors, salons and celebrities around the world. Magma Human Hair is the best premier partner you can associate with to procure virgin Remy, natural, Indian hair.


Our straight structure are handmade with delicate hand sewing that allows the hair to be parted in any direction.


This hair texture is full of life and body having deeper wave and curl patterns while still giving a soft feel and look to it.


This adaptable texture gives off a natural ā€œSā€ shaped curl pattern with a sleek and shiny finish.

Why Hair

A lot of us have felt that our inner image has a longer, thicker, smooth and silky hair than we were graced with. Many of us struggle to grow natural hair or wish to have a thick volume! Is there a way to it? Yes, and that's where hair extension comes in! Hair extensions give your current look a lift and let you have any hair style you desire. And the best part is they don't look fake and getting the look you always wanted is a dream come true